Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Smiley Little Drool Machine

Lizzy is almost 6 months old and I can't believe it! The past couple of weeks her cute little personality has really started to come out. She is becoming a very smiley and happy little girl. Mom and Dad's fingers are her favorite chew toys right now. Karen put this on Facebook, but she got her two front teeth for Christmas... literally. They're kinda hard to see, but you can definitely feel them when she's gnawing away at your fingers--OUCH!! If you see me and I'm missing a finger, you'll know why.

Here are a couple of photos I took of our little drool machine the other day. A bib you ask? ...we put a bib on her even when she's not eating so that she doesn't completely soak her clothes with her slobber. She also is a master of spitting up, so I guess it's kind of dual-purpose.

Here is a video of her. She can sit up all by herself... well, as long as she has the Boppy behind her. She loves playing with toys and can actually entertain herself, which makes her Mommy VERY happy.

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The Wi Family said...

She's so cute!!! Congratulations!!! My 2nd girl is still a major drooler. They have great double layer bibs at Target with a waterproof inside liner (just FYI) they are such a shirt/pant/dress saver :)