Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tyler's First Birthday

Tyler had his Birthday while we were in California. We got to go to the San Diego Zoo:

He doesn't like to hold our hands much, so we got him a little monkey backpack with a restraint built into it. This photo was taken in front of the monkey cages... so I guess that makes it a picture of "Monkey" (Tyler) looking at monkeys with a monkey on his back.

We also had a little party for Tyler. We decided to make the party for all the kids... and thus all the candles on the cake: 1 for Tyler, 6 for Kailey, and 9 for Zack.

Tyler got a little remote control car from Zack and Kailey. Tyler LOVED it and wouldn't let go of it the rest of the night.


Megan said...

We love your little monkey. I can't believe he's one!! And the pix at the zoo? Super cute.

Bryon said...

Congratulations on your little monkey being a year old! Your family looks wonderful.