Thursday, June 19, 2008

RIP Altima...... Hello Honda Pilot!

Quite some time ago my Nissan Altima started making a strange noise when I drove it. Ignorance is bliss, so I discarded the sound and just keep driving my car. Eventually, though, the sound got louder and louder so I took it into the shop. I was told that my transmission was on it’s last leg and that it was going to cost a pretty penny to fix it (almost as much as it was worth). Karen and I talked it over and we decided that it just didn’t make sense to put that much money into an old car--we decided to start looking for a new car.

I was adamant that “We will NOT buy a car today—we’ll just go and look today.” ….but of course, I ended up eating my own words and that same day we bought a new vehicle. We got a great deal on a Honda Pilot. We've had it for a couple of months now and we love it. Here's a pic:


The Jensens said...

Love it. It's a good looking car. :)

Sarah H. said...

So awesome guys. I love ours. It is just so fun to drive and has been the greatest. Congrats, even though you've had it a while. My Bro, Dave and his wife, bought a couple months ago too.