Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tyler Baby

Tyler is growing like a weed and can never hold still. He can sit up on his own now and loves to suck on Mommy's chin...I think maybe he is trying to give me kisses...I hope :)

He sure is our precious boy!

Hannah's Birthday

Nate got some great shots of the kiddos at Hannah's 5th Birthday party. It was a ton of fun.

O Tempo Passe Tao Rapido

I keep promising myself that I will actually stay on top of updating our blog...yeah, obviously that's not happening. Nate got a new camera for his birthday and has taken a plethera of pictures so I will post a few of them (I think he has already taken close to five or six hundred, maybe more). Here are a few from his birthday...he is sooo old ;) Obviously there are no pictures of Nate, since he was the one taking the pictures :), but we had a good time anyway!